Today we’ve launched our member section of our website.

It’s a section where our members can log in and access resources such as a script for our upcoming show, ‘Treasure Island’.

In order to log on you would have received an email saying your password has been reset. This will then give you a copy of your password. It would have been sent to the email you gave when you filled out our membership form.

What you then need to do is go to our website,  . This will take you to the members page where you can enter your email address and your password.

In order to access the script you will need to go to the rehearsal room. Inside the rehearsal room there is a section title Treasure Island which contains a copy of the script and a list of all the parts which are available at our auditions (beginning next week) and the scenes which you will need to know for the auditions.

Should you not have received an email regarding your log on information please contact us using the information below.

If you have any questions or you are struggling to get onto the members page please contact us either using Messenger, or email us at We will to our utmost to get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy the new feature on our website and hopefully make good use of it.

Phoenix Performers