We are the Phoenix Performers, a youth led theatre company based in Rhyl, North Wales. We provide high quality, affordable performing arts workshops to young people aged 4 to 21 years old. We’re passionate about providing opportunities for young people to take to the stage, express themselves and discover who they are through the medium of performing arts.

We are Phoenix!

We’re more than just your normal drama group. Like most, we provide workshops in singing, acting and dancing. Unlike others, we also provide workshops in stage skills and theatre making like directing, script writing, stage management, tech, media and make-up.

Why is our work so important?

It’s so important because without affordable access to the arts, our young people, ex-members and leaders wouldn’t be where they are now. We are passionate about opening the world of theatre up to everyone. It matters because the arts opens doors, boosts confidence and allows the freedom to be who you want to. It provides escapisms and opportunities to forget the stresses of the real world.

The Phoenix Performers are a non for profit organisation. We’re extremely thankful to our funders for their continued support. Without their financial support, we would not be able to do what we do – thank you!