The Phoenix Performers are a non-for-profit organisation ran by volunteer leaders. The company’s aims are to provide safe and secure environments for young people to develop and learn new skills and knowledge. Phoenix encourage their young people to try new aspects of performing arts, offering opportunities to develop their skills in their principal disciplines: acting, singing and dancing. Unlike other companies, Phoenix also offer opportunity to develop and learn new skills within other disciplines, such as writing, directing, wardrobe, make-up, props, set, technical and media.
Phoenix is split into four age groups: Chicks, Kestrels, Falcons & Eagles. We meet every week at Ffordd Las Community Centre.


AGED 4-6


AGED 7-10


AGED 11-12


AGED 13-18

The Phoenix Performers are a youth theatre company. We provide weekly sessions and workshops in all aspects of the performing arts. Workshops include performance based disciplines such as singing, acting and dancing and also workshops in making performance possible. These workshops include script writing, directing, technical skills, stage skills, make-up and much more.

We have been providing opportunities for young people to get involved in the arts since 2007. Currently, we produce 2 shows a year, with various displays and events spread throughout the year as well. We have also been asked to take parts in community productions in the past that bring together a variety of dance and theatre groups from the local area.

Phoenix is extremely passionate about ensure that the arts are accessible to all. We thrive to ensure that our sessions are accessible and affordable to all. We do this by adopting an accepting, non-judgemental ethos, ensuring that all of our leaders are approachable. We adapt our sessions to the skills and abilities of the young people taking part.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide opportunities for young people to take to the stage, develop performance skills, make new friends and lasting memories.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable weekly workshops in the performing arts. We will produce shows for the young people to experience the magic of live theatre. They will be able to express themselves, discover themselves and be themselves.

Our Values

Respect – We respect each other.
Compassion – We have compassion for all.
Friendship – We build lasting friendships.
Development – We develop our skills and knowledge.
Fun – We always have fun whilst doing what we love.

What We Believe

We believe that every young person who comes through our doors deserves the right to be seen, to be heard and to be accepted. We believe that every young person should be allowed a safe, supportive space to express themselves and discover who they are. We believe that every young person should have access to affordable, high quality performing arts workshops. They should be allowed to perform on stage regardless of their background, personal situation or experiences. No young person should ever be deprived of the arts.

What We Do

We provide affordable, high quality performing arts workshops to the young people of North East Wales and the surrounding areas. We produce two full scale productions a year, with smaller displays and events spread through the year. We also provide pastoral support through our sessions to our members who may be struggling outside of Phoenix. We provide a safe space for our young people to express themselves and escape the real world.

Why It Matters

It matters because without affordable access to the arts, our leaders wouldn’t be where they are now. We are passionate about opening the world of theatre up to everyone. It matters because the arts opens doors, boosts confidence and allows the freedom to be who you want to. It provides escapisms and opportunities to forget the stresses of the real world.