Why Phoenix?

We can tell you how awesome Phoenix is, but what really counts is what our members, parents and supporters think. So we’ve asked them what they think and they’re all here for you to read!

Phoenix has been my family for many years now. I’ve been in a lot of productions and helped out at countless events. Phoenix has helped shape who I am as a person today, I’m missing everyone so much as I am now at university. I am counting down the days til Christmas when I can see everyone again. I love everyone there and the memories I have made through phoenix are ones I will always cherish forever and ever

Lacey Small

Ex-Phoenix Member

My Daughter suffers with Anxiety and has trouble socializing and the leaders and other members made her feel so welcome she looks forward to going every week. Everyone is so friendly, understanding and helpful and have fantastic fun and games. I would highly recommend them to all.

Gina Smith

Phoenix Parent

Feels weird to not be a part of yet another Phoenix Performers show, gutted I couldn’t come and see it but I’m sure you all smashed it last night and you will do the same tonight, break a leg everyone.

Amy Hurst

Ex-Phoenix Member

Well done everyone- fantastic night. Tonnes of talent and fabulous friendships. Anya loves it all so much. Thank you for nurturing every one of them  #proudmum

Ness Jones

Phoenix Parent

Just wanna say how much we enjoyed the show. Well done to everyone on stage and behind the scenes look forward to the next show!

Lorna Small

Phoenix Parent

Fabulous evening! Lots of laughs, incredibly moving performances and superb friendships – well done everyone!

Vanessa Jones

Phoenix Audience Member