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Hello! We would like to welcome you to the Phoenix Performers. We hope that you will enjoy your time with us. The company’s aims are to provide safe and secure environments for young people to develop and learn new skills and knowledge. All members are given a fair opportunity to audition for parts and roles in productions. We encourage our young people to try new aspects of performing arts. We offer opportunities for young people to develop their skills in our principal disciplines: acting, singing and dancing. Unlike other companies, we also offer opportunity to develop and learn new skills and knowledge within other disciplines, such as writing, directing, wardrobe, make-up, props, set, technical and media. Our members regularly perform in front of their peers, who will suggest honest and constructive ways to improve their performances.

In this pack you will find all the information you need to become a member. You’ll find information about our sessions, leaders, committee, opportunities for parents/careers, what you need to wear, amongst other details. In the back of this pack is a very important membership form. This needs to be completed and returned as soon as possible. It contains legal information that we need to know. You’ll also find information about our policies within this pack.

The Phoenix Performers are one big family. We look forward to welcoming you to this family. We like to take time out between shows to strengthen the bonds between our members and their peers. We often participate in team building exercises and fun games. We understand that our young people have a lot on their plate, whether it be exams and tests at school, home life troubles or other personal issues. We want to offer an escape from the stresses of life – we’re here to offer a support network. We’re here to help.

We recommend that members bring water and a snack to our sessions. We do provide a tuck shop at our Saturday morning sessions, but stock can be varied and limited.

Membership and Fees

The Phoenix Performers are a non-for-profit organisation. This means that we aren’t in it to make money. However, we have to pay for rent, insurance and venue hire (amongst other overheads). For this reason, we have to charge for our sessions.

Each two-hour session is charged at £2 per session.

We do not request payment for missed sessions. If you have to leave a session early or arrive late, you still have to pay the full session charge of £2. Session fees must be paid in full before.

We also require members to pay an annual membership fee of £15. This is to cover the cost of insurance for the member.

If you have any issues with paying session fees (subs) or membership, please speak to a leader. We are more than happy to set up a payment plan. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to pay for subs or membership – so if you have any issues please get in touch.

All subs and membership fees are non-refundable. If membership is due prior to a show, it must be paid in full, or a payment plan set up before opening night of the show. If membership has not been paid you will not be allowed to be in the show. Once again, if you have any issues please speak to a leader.

We do not ask members to pay for their costumes for shows. We may occasionally ask for a contribution towards it. We may also occasionally ask members to provide themselves with a costume, but this will normally be something that you already have.

We accept cash, card, BACCs and cheque payments. Please speak to a leader if you wish to pay by BACCs or cheque.


For health and safety reasons, we require our members to abide to a strict dress code. This also helps to provide the company with an identity. The dress code is as follows:

  • Black jogging bottoms/tracksuit bottoms/dance pants/leggings/shorts
  • Black t-shirt/polo shirt
  • Black trainers/pumps/jazz shoes

We offer Phoenix Performers branded uniform which is available to purchase at any of our sessions or through our website.

Branded Uniform we offer:

  • T-Shirts
  • Vests
  • Racerback Vests
  • Hoodies
  • Zoodies (hoodies with zips)

Our uniform/merchandise range is always growing – so keep your eyes peeled!

We also require:

  • Long hair to be tied back
  • No Jewellery (stud ear-rings are allowed)
  • Suitable and supportive underwear to be worn

For shows, girls will be required to wear a leotard.

Policies and Risk Assessments

The Phoenix Performers take our member’s safety very seriously. For this reason, we have various policies and risk assessments in place to help protect them. These policies and risk assessments are available to read on our website, at any session or upon request. Our policies and risk assessments are reviewed annually and updated as appropriate. You can read all of these in the policy section on our website.

Policies and risk assessments that we have in place:

  • Data Protection Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Harassment and Bully Prevention Policy
  • Harassment and Bully Policy
  • Behaviour and Discipline Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Technical Equipment Risk Assessment
  • Regular Rehearsal Venue Risk Assessment (For Christchurch Sports Hall & Ysgol Llywelyn)
  • Regular Performance Venue Risk Assessment (Rhyl Town Hall)

Risk Assessments for new venues and rehearsal spaces will be created and uploaded to our website when required.

Rules and Regulations

It is the company’s philosophy that everyone is treated equally and fairly. Any inappropriate behaviour (bullying, fighting, swearing, verbal abuse, physical abuse) is not tolerated. Young people, irreverent to age, are not permitted to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances whilst attending a Phoenix Performers rehearsal, session or event. Anyone disobeying these strict rules will be asked to leave immediately. Disciplinary action will then be decided upon by the leaders. A vote by all leaders, committee members and club will determine the punishment and whether the young person will be permitted to return.

The Phoenix Performers regularly photograph and film rehearsals, workshops, sessions, events, displays and shows. These photographs and videos are used in advertisement material. Advertisement may be on the website, social media, local press and printed literature. We also stream various events live. These photos and videos will appear publicly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Vimeo, www.phoenixperformers.com, local press, applications to funders and other charities, show programmes, promotional flyers/banners/posters, displays at shows and in public places. All this can be explained further by reading our Data Policy which is available on our website. Should you not give permission for your child to be photographed or appear in videos created by ourselves, then your members roles in the company will be limited.

Phoenix Performers are not responsible for any injuries sustained whilst off the premises within session times. Phoenix Performers are not responsible for any mishap or injury caused in this time. Please remember that your young person is representing the Phoenix Performers at all times, especially when in uniform.

Phoenix Performers take our member’s personal safety very seriously. If a member is under the age of 18, we require parental consent for our members to walk home. By giving your permission for your child to walk home you acknowledge that Phoenix Performers take no responsibility for any injuries/incidents that may occur once your young person has left our care. Below must be signed by a parent/guardian regardless of age.

Please be aware that if you would like your child to be picked up by someone other than yourself you must let us know at the start of the session on drop off.

Getting in Touch

From time to time you may need to get in touch we us, and here’s how!

We recommend that you speak to a leader regarding any issues you may have in person.

  • Fees, subs or membership
    • Christina Hailwood, Glenda Hailwood, Andy Greenow or Jacob Jones
  • Change of name, address or contact details
    • Andy Greenow or Jacob Jones
  • Child Protection query, issue or report
    • Suzanne Fox or Christina Hailwood
  • Uniform order or enquiry
    • Any leader
  • Friends of Phoenix
    • Jacob Jones
  • Media Relation
    • Andy Greenow

Important contact details to keep hold of:

  • Hailwood HQ
    • 01745 355370
    • 6 Maes Llewelyn, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 4SN

More information on any matter can be found in the contact section on our website.

We recently held a leaders meeting where we discussed your comments and suggestions. You can view what you said and what we are going to do about it below.

Date: You said: We are did/are doing:
December 2018 Younger members and youth more chances to do things We provide all of our members with equal opportunities and chances. We will try and ensure parts and opportunities are always spread equally and fairly amongst members.
December 2018 More fun and games, less shows Please remember that we are a theatre group, being a theatre group means that we put shows on. We have been extremely busy lately – we went straight from our Award Show to the poppy show and then straight into the carol concert – it’s been a really busy time. We always try to take time out in between shows to work on our team building and play games.
December 2018 More chances for members to bring things in to show We always encourage our members to bring in their own ideas, plays, songs and dances. Our ideas for the plays in our award shows are also primarily thought of by members. If you have an idea for a song, dance, play, activity or game please speak to a leader as we would be more than happy to hear it.
December 2018 More variety of workshops We love putting on workshops for our members and our workshops are always successful. We also have outside teachers and organisations come in to run workshops. We have been extremely busy lately – we went straight from our Award Show to the poppy show and then straight into the carol concert – it’s been a really busy time. We will try our best to run more workshops in the new year.
December 2018 Leaders and members on their phones during sessions, even though phones are not allowed to be used during sessions This matter has been discussed. A reminder of the phone policy has been given to all leaders. Members have also verbally been reminded of the phone policy and more importantly, why we have it in place and the importance of it. The phone policy can be read in the policy section on our website.