With it being show week, we just need to remind our cast and audience about how GDPR affects us.

CAST ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES DURING THE SHOW. This involves being backstage, selfies, and pictures of other people. This is to protect members who do not consent to having their photo taken, under new GDPR rules.

To support this we are operating a STRICT no phones in dressing room policy. We ask that should your child bring a device in which has a camera on that you monitor their images, and should they have any photos taken that you immediately delete them.

To allow the cast to take photo’s in the dressing room we will provide cameras for the cast to use supervised.

This GDPR does affect you as audience from taking photo’s of your children in the show. We know you like to capture these precious moments to support you with this we will have an official photographer available on the night, capturing every moment of the show.

We appreciate your support with regards to ensuring we comply with GDPR.

See you Saturday!

Phoenix Performers