Hello there!


A week tomorrow (28/09/2017) we are heading to an industry standard recording studio to record the backing vocals for our upcoming production of the Wizard Of OZ. Permission slips will be handed out tonight and Saturday. If you do not return your permission slip, you cannot come.

This is a professional standard recording studio so there are a few rules and regulations we have to follow. These will be explained in detail on the night. One of the rules is that only bottled water may be drank in the studio. As we will be doing a lot of singing it is important that everyone brings a bottle of water. You will not be permitted to drink anything else.

The recording studio is inside Rhyl High School, Grange Road, Rhyl. Please arrive at the pupil entrance to the school for 7:00pm. We aim to start at 7:15 so please be on time. We will hopefully be done by 9:00pm and children can be collected from the front of the school.


The songs we will be recording are:

  • Munchkinland
  • You Can’t Win
  • We’re All In This Together
  • One Short Day
  • I lived
  • I’ll be there for you

And possibly two more.

We are visitors to the studio so need to act mature, sensible and professionally. But most importantly we’re here to have a good time and make some memories! ?