A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…

Okay, so not that long ago, and not that far away but in 2007 the Phoenix Performers were born. Phoenix is the brain child of Glenda Hailwood. She wanted a safe and welcoming environment for her four children (Theresa, Christina, Suzanne and James) and other like minded young people to develop their performing arts skills. Glenda original sent her children to a drama group in the Little Theatre, Rhyl. Glenda started helping out in the dressing rooms and making the occasional costume but her involvement gradually grew within the group and before she knew it she was running workshops and rehearsals. The group in the little theatre came to an end in 2007. Glenda with the help of her children still wanting to provide opportunities for young people in the area took it upon themselves to start their own Performing Arts Company – The Phoenix Performers!

Fun Fact!

The name, Phoenix Performers, was inspired by the mythical create. When the Phoenix dies it is reborn from it’s ashes – this is how the Phoenix Performers were born.

In October 2007 we held our first session. It was well attended and even caught the attention of the local media. Many of the original Phoenix members came with the Hailwoods from the little theatre.