Hey there!


We want to catch up with you all and let you know where we are up to with resuming a bit of normality.

Unfortunately, with the current set of restrictions being increased again this past week returning to our routine sessions on a Saturday morning and Wednesday evening have been delayed further. Regrettably, it is looking more likely that we will not be resuming these sessions until the new year. This is due to restrictions in place for us preventing students from different schools and areas mixing up along with the new rule of 6 for indoors.

We are however going to continue with the Wednesday evening sessions outdoors for the next few weeks. These sessions will have a new time due to it getting darker a lot earlier and will now be from 7pm-8m! We will be reviewing this in a few weeks again with winter approaching and the weather turning cold and wet.

We’re missing you and can’t wait to see you all again preparing for future shows, but for now that’s on hold and in the meantime we hope you stay safe, following the government guidance and keep in touch!


Phoenix Performers