Hello all,

Rehearsals for our up and coming show of “Showcase 2” are going really well and all the children and young people are busily rehearsing some very special and talented performances. Tickets are on sale now online, if you are unable to buy tickets online please feel free to pop along to Christchurch Sports hall at the start of session. If you are having trouble please facebook message us and one of our tech team will be happy to sort out any issues. For this show we are doing things slightly differently. We have recently started up a Chicks group for children aged 4-6 on a Saturday morning 10-11am and this will be their first show, due to the Chicks starting we have decided that for both show nights Chicks (Children aged 4-6) and Kestrels (children aged 7-10) will only be staying backstage for the first part of the show each night. Children will be brought out to parents in the auditorium during the interval. You may wish for your child to join you watching the rest of the production or you may wish to pick them up and take them home. Any member staying with a paying adult for the rest of the show will be given a free ticket to watch the second half, this will need to be booked at the same time as booking your own tickets, please message or phone if you haven’t done so already or are having trouble doing this. Below is a list of costumes that members need to provide for the show and rehersal times. Please note that during show week we do not recommend any electronic devices backstage as Phoenix Performers hold no liability to any damaged or lost items. Drinks and snacks are allowed, however we ask for you to not provide too many fizzy drinks and sweets as we have had children throw up on stage before!
Costumes: please see if your child is involved in the items listed below by following their age group category. Some children have been given the option to change age groups for certain dances if they felt uncomfortable, please speak to a leader if you are unsure of which age group your child is in. Members please note not all show acts have been listed, if you cannot see something you are involved in it is due to Phoenix providing those items or you have been spoken to individually.

Please bring items listed below along during show; these items will remain at the Town Hall all week.

Chicks aged 4-6. Kestrels 7-10. Falcons 11-13. Eagles 13+ black trainers/pumps/shoes must be worn throughout the show for all members.

April Showers/Raining Men: Any coloured plain T-Shirt, black trousers/leggings. Chicks, Kestrels, Falcons & Eagles

We’re going on a bear hunt: Any own clothes. Chicks

Apollo 10: Blue plain T-shirts, blue jeans, black shoes/pumps. Eagles

I like to Move it: 80s vibe, jeans, leggings, t-shirts. Baseball caps. Chicks, Kestrels

Slow ride: Millie- Green top and plain black trousers/leggings. Luke – grey top and trousers.

Hocus Pocus: any Halloween costume. Kestrels

Snowflake: Frozen Elsa dresses, Olaf costumes. Chicks

Old Town Road: Any Denim jeans/jeggings. Denim shorts can be worn but black leggings must be worn underneath. Checked shirts or any cowboy outfits. Falcons, EaglesLion King: Colourful plain t-shirts or Phoenix tops with black trousers or leggings. Chicks, Kestrels, Falcons, Eagles

Phoenix: Phoenix Uniform. Falcons, Eagles

Good luck: Any colour jeans, baseball caps, checked shirts or t-shirts. Converse style trainers may be worn but not necessary. Falcons, Eagles

Evan Hansen: Blue jeans and plain white top. Eagles

Madame Guillotine: leotards with shawls or scarves over the top. Any Skirts, boy’s waistcoats, shirts and plain trousers. Old fashioned French revolution style. (Speak to Suzanne if unsure) Falcon, Eagles

Born this way: Colourful t-shirts, leggings/trousers. Falcons, Eagles


It is vital that all members attend all Show week rehearsals. If you are unable to attend you must inform a leader. Please take note of the times and age groups.

Tuesday 5th November: NO rehersal due to Bonfire night! Enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

Wednesday 6th November: Rhyl Town Hall 7pm till 9pm. FALCONS & EAGLES ONLY

Thursday 7th November: Rhyl Town Hall CHICKS & KESTRALS: 7pm till 8pm FALCONS & EAGLES: 7pm till 9pm FULL DRESS REHERSAL

Friday 8th November SHOW NIGHT: Doors open at 7pm show starts 7.30pm. FALCONS & EAGLES: 6.30pm till possibly 10pm CHICKS AND KESTRALS: arrive 7.15pm till Show Interval at 8.30pm (please note this is an estimated time)

Saturday 9th November SHOW NIGHT: Doors open at 7pm show starts 7.30pm. FALCONS & EAGLES: 6.30pm till possibly 10pm CHICKS AND KESTRALS: arrive 7.15pm till Show Interval at 8.30pm (please note this is an estimated time)

NO CLUB children’s club on Saturday 9th November

Many thanks,

Glenda Hailwood
Company Manager
Phoenix Performers