Good Afternoon,

Over the past year we have invested time and money in improving our ticket system with the aim of improving the process for you as our customers.

The first step for this was moving our system to a digital method allowing you to book tickets online. This allowed you then to either print your tickets or show us your tickets on your phone. This has been a success so far with us successfully using this for Showcase and Award Show 2018.

With 2018 being a trial year for our new ticket system we are confident we are heading the right way forward for making our ticket system the best it can be for you.

However, from this we have learnt a lot and for Treasure Island have made some improvements which should make the process even more simpler for you as our customer.

The first area we have improved is the ticket printing process for our box office leading up to each performance. We have invested money by purchasing 3 new printers which allow us to instantly print the tickets needed. These printers are a lot faster then previous year and only print the content needed.

The second area we have improved is ensuring their are more members on our Front of House team scanning tickets and showing you to your seats.

Finally, we hope to have box office open earlier to give time for tickets to be purchased. We hope to open box office at 6:30pm, 30 minutes prior for doors opening, for you to purchase tickets.

All these changes we hope will speed up the ticket purchase process and get you to your seat a lot sooner from the moment you enter the front door.

To speed this up further can we encourage you to either purchase your ticket prior to arriving by using our website and having tickets emailed to your phone. Should you be unable to do this and wish to purchase your tickets at Box Office on show night, can we encourage you to pay with card (ideally contactless) again to speed up the process.

Finally, when you arrive and are ready for your ticket to be scanned can we again encourage you to have your ticket ready for scanning.

We hope all these changes make our Box Office experience more efficient for yourself and for us allowing us to start the show at 7:30.


Phoenix Performers