We’re getting into the busy end of rehearsals and that means rehearsals are stepping up to the next level.

Starting this week are Tuesday rehearsals at Rhyl High Dance Studio from 7pm-9pm!

This Tuesday all Principle Dancers, Pirates, Sam and Ella are needed for the rehearsal.

Pirates are: Anya, Luke, Kyle M, Holly, Freya, Ellie, Millie, Stacey, Jolyon, Gracey, Jasmine and Elliott.

Tuesday will be focused on ‘How Far I’ll Go’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean Dance’.

This Wednesday we are having our media session and this is a full company session!

All cast and crew are required!

Please come wearing uniform (blacks) as headshots will be taken along with publicity shots for Phoenix Performers and Treasure Island. This will be the only opportunity to get your headshot taken!

This Saturday acting will be focused on Act 2 Scene 3 and Act 2 Scene 4 so all Kestrels will be needed for this alongside principle actors along with all the pirates.

Alongside this Kestrels will focus on the Kestrel Dance, ‘Tiger Feet’ and the pirates will have another opportunity to go over Pirates of the Caribbean dance.

Rehearsals are Β£2 a session.

Many thanks for your support.


Phoenix Performers