It’s International Woman’s Day!

Here’s a shout out to an inspirational woman! Glenda Hailwood is our Company Manager setting Phoenix Performers up back in 2007! Glenda has a vision to give children, youth and young adults a stage to walk out on and forget all of their problems and life concerns and be who they wanted to be. Glenda wanted to build a place where children, youth and young adults could come and make friends, build confidence, learn life skills and get the support they needed to make the best life choice for them. Glenda wanted to do all of this whilst ensuring parents and the members could afford it. 11 and a half years later, Glenda’s vision is still going strong! Our upcoming show, Treasure Island is a great opportunity to see this in action. A chance to witness children, youth and young adults who wouldn’t normally have a chance to walk out onto the stage and make not only all of us here at Phoenix Performers proud, but themselves!

Thank You Glenda!