Please take note of these extra rehearsals!

All our rehearsals are important and we do ask our cast to turn up to every night they are needed. When cast do not turn up, it makes rehearsals difficult as we have to skip rehearsing scenes do to different characters not being there. This is unfair on those who do turn up. If you have any difficulties we are understanding so please let us know before hand, so that we can plan which scenes to rehearse based on it.

Thursday 28th September 2017

This extra rehearsal is a one off and we do require everyone for the evening. This rehearsal will be an important rehearsal in the preparation for our upcoming production, due to us recording a lot of key components for the show. There will be a letter with a permission slip handed out on Wednesday. Please return A.S.A.P. If slip is not returned we won’t be able to allow you in to the session due to the venue requirements. There will be no charge for this rehearsal. Any issues do get in touch!

26th September (& Every Tuesday onwards)
7-9 Oasis Christian Centre.

From 26th September 2017, there will be extra rehearsals at Oasis Christian Centre, Rhyl, from 7-9pm. All Actors (who have main characters [if you’re not sure if this is you, please ask!]) are required to attend this night. The venue is small, so we do need to keep it limited to who can attend.


From 27th September 2017 rehearsals at Ysgol Llywellyn, will be focusing on dances. All dancers are required for this night as well as Actors. Chorus members will be asked to attend rehearsals when needed.

Tuesday rehearsals will be £1, Wednesday rehearsals will be £2 for Eagles, £1 for Kestrels and Falcons and Saturday will be £1 for Eagles and £2 for Kestrels and Falcons.

If you are unsure when your child is needed please do ask a leader. A rehearsal schedule will be available soon, to clear up any confusion. Again, any issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Phoenix Performers.